22 MicroShield 360 Pure Generation Machines

How Can My Business Benefit from MicroShield 360?

MicroShield 360 is the premier antimicrobial coating system on the market today. Once your facility has been treated by our trained and certified applicators, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are protected from a broad spectrum of microbes, bacteria, odors and fungi.
MicroShield 360 has been approved for use by the EPA in more than 1000 types of facilities and over 1500 surfaces  – including direct food contact surfaces.

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Once applied, our coating system is working 24/7 to protect your facility and staff whereas traditional cleaning methods to eliminate odor, mold and bacteria only last for moments. That reactionary approach costs you time and effects your bottom line.

The MicroShield 360 Difference

Did You Know?

  • Typical office worker’s hands encounter 10 million bacteria per day.
  • Office phones have over 25,000 microbes per square inch.
  • By frequently disinfecting your desk, you can reduce sick days in the office by 30%
  • Most offices contain 400x more bacteria than a toilet seat
  • Mold is linked to several major illnesses and ailments that extend much further than allergy, including multiple sclerosis, miscarriages, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, sudden infant death syndrome and cancer.

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