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When was the last time you reviewed your chemical SDS Sheets? Is every employee that uses them aware of the risks? Are they required to use these toxic products to complete their jobs?
If so, your business can be at risk…but it doesn’t have to be.
A recent study shows quaternary ammonium compounds (Quat Disinfectants) are now showing up in human blood with adverse effects. Is this just the beginning?
With zero toxicity, Green Seal Certification, and cleaning power rivaling the harshest chemicals out there MicroShield 360 Pure changes the game forever. Swap your toxic chemicals for all-natural, eco-friendly commercial cleaning & disinfecting agents.

If interested in speaking with our product specialists, please fill out the form below. We will send you free product for testing while we work with you to develop the best model for your specific needs.

Available Models

Our machines reside at your location allowing on-demand product generation through a process called electrolysis. You will be creating 6 different and highly effective products for all your cleaning needs across your entire facility (link to usage card PDF) which are created through the on-board dilution control dispenser.

MicroShield 360 Pure Cleaning Products
  • MicroShield 360 Pure Degreaser (SDS)
  • MicroShield 360 Pure All-Purpose Cleaner (SDS)
  • MicroShield 360 Pure Glass, Stainless and Chrome Cleaner (SDS)
MicroShield 360 Pure Disinfecting Products
  • MicroShield 360 Pure Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant (SDS) (Kill Claims Sheet Link)
  • MicroShield 360 Daily Disinfectant (SDS)
  • MicroShield 360 Sanitizer (food safe) (SDS)

To simplify things further, all labeled bottles we supply are color coded to match the dilution dispensing unit the machine comes with. You simply match the label color with the dial color and push the button to dispense! 

Our staff will work with you to decide which machine program will be best suited for your facility. Irrelevant the size, we have a program.

Option 1

Dedicated Model

On-site Machines are placed strategically around your facilities enabling quick and easy product creation without the burden of transportation. Ideal for facilities that may not be under one roof.

Option 2

Hub and Spoke Model

On-site Machines are centrally placed within your facility for easy product generation and mobility. We then place Satellite Dilution Stations (image) around the perimeter near cleaning hot spots. The Dilution Stations create your Ready-to-Use (RTU) products to be used locally. Ideal for large facilities under one roof.

Option 3

Subscription Model

When a machine is unnecessary, we can direct ship RTU product to your business. Available for both MicroShield 360 Pure HOCl and MicroShield 360 Pure Cleaner/Degreaser. Everyone can experience the power of our commercial cleaning and disinfecting products. Click here to shop now.

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