Antibiotic Resistant Germs Threat to Human Life

Antibiotic Resistant Germs Threat to Human Life

According to the CDC, antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi are responsible for almost 3 million infections and 35,000 deaths in the United States each year. On average, someone gets an antibiotic resistant infections every 11 seconds. Every 15 minutes someone dies from an antibiotic resistant infection. The report notes that while infections in hospitals and health care facilities have decreased, the infections caught elsewhere in the community have increased.  Infection control specialists say the answer is not creating more powerful antibiotics but adopt aggressive strategies that keep the germs away and infections from occurring in the first place.

Most facilities have routine cleaning regimens and procedures that are followed to help clean and disinfect treated areas. Majority of the chemicals used during these processes are poisonous and can be harmful to humans. Disinfection sprays and wipes only add to the problem as they use these poisons to kill.

Unfortunately, when people don’t follow the labels regarding dwell times or coverage rates, they can give bacteria and fungi a non-lethal dose which enables them to mutate into superbugs.

MicroShield 360 provides a strategic, aggressive solution to the problem. It is a coating system that is applied to any surface. It is EPA registered FDA approved for food contact surfaces. It is applied once a year and provides constant protection from germs, virus and pathogens. The coating system does not contain and poisons, is non-toxic and does not leach. The coating system mechanically ruptures the cell and applies a charge which neutralizes the cells functions. This mode of attack is always lethal and doesn’t allow for resistances to be formed against it.

Are you looking for a compliment to your daily cleaning regimens and disinfecting routines? One that will disinfect today, and provide continous protection? MicroShield 360 is the solution. Contact us today to learn more about the solution.

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