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New Technology Kills Germs Inside Airplanes

  • • MicroShield 360 System Kills >99% Of Germs And Bacteria
  • • One-Time Spray Protects All Surfaces For A Full Year
  • • Completely Safe, FDA Approved and EPA Registered

Your Airline Can Be The Hero

  • • MicroShield 360 Can Protect Passengers and Crew
  • • Kills More Than 90 Known Pathogens Including E. Coli | MRSA | Strep | Common Cold | Flu | Norovirus
  • • MicroShield 360 Has Been Tested By Independent, 3rd Party Labs

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MRSA Thrives For 168 Hrs On Material
From the Seat-Back Pocket

Armrests Register a 429 Reading on the Germ Meter; Anything Over 100 is Considered a Fail

Tray Tables Measure a Germ Score of 1,688. That’s More Than 16 Times the Acceptable Limit

Window Shades, One of the Germiest Surfaces in an Aircraft Cabin, Can Harbor Germs for up to 72 Hours

How It Works

The System

  • EPA Registered, Colorless, Odorless, Non-Toxic And Hypoallergenic. Dries In Minutes After Application.
  • FDA Approved for direct food contact surfaces.
  • Unlike Traditional Disinfection Methods That Poison To Kill, This Revolutionary Solution Physically Ruptures Germs And Bacteria, Destroying The Cell Before It Can Be Spread.
  • Once Applied, The Coating Polymerizes On The Surface And Sets Up Microscopic Spikes. The Spikes Kill Dangerous Cells Instantly On Contact.
  • MicroShield 360 Defenses Are Constantly Working 24 Hours a Day For an Entire Year with 1 Single Application

The Process

  • The Application Process Removes The Element Of Human Error Commonly Seen In Spray And Wipe Approaches Which Leave Areas Untreated.
  • MicroShield 360 Is Applied Using A Custom Spray Nozzle Which Creates A Mist To Evenly Adhere To The Surface.
  • The Mist, Due To Its Positive Charge, Is Able To Wrap Around A Given Surface Providing Cohesive 360° Coverage.

The Proof

  • Lab-Tested ATP Meters (Germ Meters) Are Considered The Industry Standard To Gauge The Bio-Load On A Surface. ATP Reports Are Generated Before And After MicroShield 360 Is Applied.
  • MicroShield 360 System Is A Proprietary Formula That Cannot Be Reproduced.
  • MicroShield 360 System Protects All Surfaces Including Ticket Counters, TSA Bins, Restaurant Tables, Seats, Gate Areas And Jetways.

Join the Following for Healthier Air Travel by Supporting the Cause on Social Media #ProtectMyPlane and Tag Your Favorite Airline

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