Business Aviation – What Are They Hiding?

Business Aviation – What Are They Hiding?

Germs are everywhere, they’re in your home, at your favorite restaurant, at the gym and in aircrafts, reported Constant Aviation. Germs are recirculated throughout the cabin air, and when you have a sick passenger plus warmer temperature combined with moisture, it becomes an incubator.

Airplanes are cleaned during their down time, and turnaround time. But how thorough the plan is cleaned during these periods is marginal. Many passengers think that because you are not touching the tray table in front of you, or wearing a mask that it will prevent encountering germs – not true!

There is a way to eliminate germs, pathogens and bacteria in the plane that is not reactive but preventative. It is a perfect compliment to routine cleaning & disinfecting procedures. It is a proprietary coating system, called MicroShield 360. MicroShield 360 is an EPA registered, FDA approved for food contact surfaces coating system that can be applied to any surface! Through third party research, it can eliminate 90+ pathogens. It is non-toxic, colorless, and safe for humans and animals. Once applied, the coating system will last an entire year!

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