We offer two different services meant to ensure every facility has the ability to utilize MicroShield 360’s powerful technology. Full Service uses MicroShield 360 trained applicators working within your facility while Self-Performing allows clients to utilize our system on their own time.

Full Service

This package is based on a square foot basis and normally performed when the client requests full coverage of all substrates within a facility. Homes, building construction, fitness facilities and locker rooms are examples of where 360⁰ coverage is applicable. MicroShield 360 removable stickers can be applied to various types of high traffic doors informing those who pass through of the protection.

Pricing: Complete 360 coverage can be applied to your location for pennies a square foot. Allow us to visit your location, test and provide you a report with a quote on site.


This package allows larger facilities to manage their own MicroShield 360 system. MicroShield 360 equipment will be on site, staff will be trained and all disinfectants and coatings will be applied on an as needed basis. Companies will be provided all assets to market MicroShield 360 to their clients and staff.

Pricing: Varies depending on the size of the facility. Call for more information.

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