Creating Familiar Analogies

Creating Familiar Analogies

Creating familiar analogies can be an effective way to get a sales prospect to think in the terms that are helpful to achieving the end goal of securing new business. One analogy you may consider layering into to your sales approach is to use auto insurance. Nearly everyone you talk to will be able to draw the comparison and apply it the MicroShield 360’s role in their facility’s overall cleanliness and disinfection program.

Example of how this very quick and short analogy can work:

MS360 Sales Person: “Let me ask, on your car, do you carry ONLY liability insurance or do you have full coverage?

Prospect: [99% will say will say Full Coverage]

MS360: “So that’s a way to think about MicroShield360’s program in your facility. The daily cleaning and traditional disinfecting is the liability coverage – you need it but it’s not full coverage. MicroShield 360 provides that full coverage for your facility and complements what you’re doing now through full coverage.”

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