Why Microshield

The Value in MicroShield 360

  • Provide preventative protection for the while family
  • Purify the air within your home
  • Reduce contamination across all surfaces all day long
  • Eliminate cleaning of mold, algae and odors in showers and baths

The MicroShield 360 Difference

The graph to the right depicts the difference between a MicroShield 360 treated surface and a non-treated surface. Once treated, the surface is constantly working to self-disinfect contamination from both direct contact as well as air-borne contact.

Fluctuation in any environment occur as time progresses but the overall level of contamination will be significantly reduced during the same time frame as the coating prevents growth.

MicroShield 360 vs Traditional Cleaning/Disinfecting

Traditional disinfection methods applied by all businesses and homes only last while being applied and are 100% reactionary in nature. There is little to no residual effect and the area is immediately re-contaminated. You would have to constantly be disinfecting to ensure the surface is safe to eliminate risk.

MicroShield 360 constantly self-disinfects the surface 24/7 ensuring contamination is no longer an issue. This 100% preventative method is 99.99% effective and ensures the surfaces are no longer habitable for bacteria of all forms.

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