Antimicrobial Coatings

Our Technology

Our system is unique in its longevity, efficacy, and approvals – including an FDA approval for direct food contact surfaces. Unlike traditional methods of disinfection which use leaching technologies, the process of a chemical becoming detached from surface, our antimicrobial coating permanently bonds to the substrate once applied. It then imparts a mechanical kill – never sacrificing its own integrity (leaching) when coming into contact and neutralizing a microorganism.
Be Preventative, Not Reactionary
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The MicroShield 360 Difference

How MicroShield 360 is Applied

Step 1


All our solutions are electrostatically applied. By atomizing the solution and propelling with forced air, we improve coverage and reduce waste and human error. This application method ensures that our product is protecting every inch of your treated surfaces.

Step 2

MicroShield 360 Renew
– Immediate Kill

Our specially formulated disinfectant is applied to all surfaces and allow to air dry. By eliminating the mold, mildew and bacteria from the substrate, it is now ready for the MicroShield 360 Antimicrobial coating.

Step 3

MicroShield 360 Antimicrobial
– Preventative Protection

Our proprietary coating formula imparts a permanent final biostatic finish to treated surfaces, not allowing microbes, fungi and bacteria to live on the surface moving forward.

MicroShield 360 Peace of Mind

MicroShield 360 is the premier antimicrobial coating system on the market today. Once your facility has been treated by our trained and certified applicators, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are protected from a broad spectrum of microbes, bacteria, odors and fungi.

MicroShield 360 has been approved for use by the EPA in more than 1000 types of facilities and on over 1500 surfaces  – including direct food contact surfaces.

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