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We understand the introduction of new technologies bring about questions. Below we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we get surrounding our products. Please take a moment to review them and if you have a specific question that’s nor addressed please reach out to us directly so that we can assist you.
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White blood cells in the human body actually creates HOCl within them to fight off germs! So HOCl naturally resides in your body. In addition, the WHO (World Health Organization) is currently reviewing it for their Essential Medicines List. The HOCl we produce has a HMIS rating of 0-0-0-0 which is the same rating as water.

Research has shown HOCl to be 80-100x more effective at killing viruses and bacteria than traditional bleach. Our on-site generated HOCl has been proven to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 is less than 1 minute and C-Diff in 5. At 500ppm of FAC our on-site generated product is an EPA registered broad spectrum disinfectant. Kill Claim Sheet

Sunlight and oxygen over time will remove the chlorine from the solution. We recommend using bottled product in 30 days. If that doesn’t happen a simple chlorine test strip will show you the remaining level (think of a pool test strip). These come with all our on-site machines. HOCl has shown disinfection properties down to 50ppm.

Our commercial cleaning agents are natural emulsifiers meaning they saponify oils. Saponification is a process that involves the conversion of fat, oil, or lipid, into soap and alcohol through the action of aqueous alkali (NaOH). These commercial cleaning products are all-purpose, multi-surface, and non-corrosive.

It couldn’t be more simplistic. All you need to do is pour any access product directly down the drain as the product break down to nothing more than salt water! In fact, pouring the cleaning products down a drain can actually assist with removal of drain buildup due to the emulsification properties.

You are responsible for (1) routinely checking and documenting the pH of a created batch. This is read right off the on-board pH meter. (2) routinely checking and document the chlorine (FAC) levels in the HOCl product. This is completed by testing with the supplied chlorine test strips. (3) Buying and checking salt levels in the brine tank. The salt to be purchased is the same one would use in a home-based water softening unit (purchased at Home Depot or Lowes). One bag produces ~400 gallons of HOCl. (4) Monthly descaling of machine through provided syringe with vinegar. It’s a simple as pushing the fluid into the marked tube!

You don’t have to, that’s our job. We will review your current product consumption, cleaning processes and any machines you utilize such as floor scrubbers. After looking at the layout of your facility we will provide a custom proposal specific to your facility.

>95% of the problems are a result of user error. Most common: (1) someone shut off the water line to the machine. (2) the salt in the brine tank is empty or below the provided fill line. (3) There is no electrical power being supplied to the machine. If after checking these common errors the machine is still not operational, please contact us:

We provide hands on training for every machine placement during which we cover the products and uses. In addition, every machine comes with an attached laminated sheet that shows the uses in case someone forgets, or a new employee needs to be trained.

Yes. As there are kill claims associated with the coating it does fall under the EPA’s regulation. The product is a level IV toxicity which is the lowest rating the EPA has.

For the coating to properly work it should always be the top layer of the treated surface. Meaning, anything that sit on top of it (soil, dirt, grease, grime etc…) must be removed to ensure the coating is effective. As such, daily cleaning with the MicroShield 360 Pure products will remove any debris from the coating thereby making it effective once again.

All of our MicroShield 360 products can be applied electrostatically. Specifically, the Pure product line (generated through on-site machines) requires no PPE and can be electrostatically applied for quicker, more efficient daily disinfection. The MicroShield 360 Antimicrobial coating SDS sheet states to use a face covering (a respirator is not necessary). Always remember to spray a cleaner through the electrostatic gun to clear it out after spraying the coating.

A common question we get is why would I go from a 1-step product to a 2-step to clean and disinfect. There are two different ways we approach this. Firstly, its always been best practice to clean then disinfect and is still the recommended process according to the CDC. Why? The soilage resting on top of germs are essentially protecting them. You must first remove this layer to allow a disinfectant to kill what’s beneath. Its tried and true. In addition, leaving 1-step cleaning product on will eventually build up on the surface (residue) leading to more problems that will eventually have to be removed. Lastly, the surfactant in the 1-step product (which removes the dirt) is heavier and therefore doesn’t allow full penetration of the disinfectant. Secondly, what companies market and what their labels actually state tend to differ from one another. If you look at the actual directions for disinfection of 1-step cleaner / disinfectants you will notice they say to pre-clean heavily soiled areas. Problem is, that’s subjective. Therefore people use it as 1-step across the board and are in fact not disinfecting as they anticipated. There are also very long dwell times of 5-10 minutes for these products to even disinfect. Our Broad Spectrum Disinfectant is a Green Seal Certified cleaner (GS-53 standard) as well as a 2 minute dwell for bacteria and viruses including 5-minutes for C.Diff! Meaning this product is actually a 1-step product as well but again, we always recommend the proven approach of 2-step cleaning and disinfecting.

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