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Classic Problem/Innovative Solution

We understand things have changed and there’s a spotlight on facility cleanliness and disinfection causing the industry to re-evaluate the products they use and the processes they deploy. The approaches to cleaning your facility have forever changed. How have you addressed this?
At MicroShield 360 our innovative technology for cleaning and disinfection is a combination of non-toxic cleaning products generated on-site and antimicrobial surface coatings. We focus on replacing toxic chemicals with all-natural, eco-friendly products. These products are created on-demand, on-site, and promote sustainability. Reduce waste, liability, sourcing issues or going over budget from price increases.
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Let’s look at the technologies that make this possible:

MicroShield 360 Pure Generation Machines

Using nothing more than salt, water, and electricity our MicroShield 360 Pure machines produce 3 all-natural and non-toxic commercial cleaning and degreasing products and 3 commercial disinfecting and sanitizing products suitable for your entire facility, floor to ceiling and everything in between.

  • Broad-spectrum kill claims on viruses and bacteria
  • All 6 products are Green Seal Certified
  • No PPE required for use with HMIS Rating of (0-0-0-0)
  • Dilution control system for on-demand production
  • Sustainable system with reusable bottles
  • Non-corrosive properties

Products are formulated to work in conjunction with our MicroShield 360 coatings. Let’s look at the basic every-day ingredients behind the Pure product lines:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Electricity

In its simplest form, salt water is passed through a proprietary cell within our machines that utilizes the electricity to charge electrodes. As the salt water passes though, an ion exchange takes place, and the result is Pure HOCl (disinfecting products) and Pure NaOH (cleaning products).

MicroShield 360 Antimicrobial Coating

Traditional cleaning and disinfection are finite in time and provide no residual surface protection meaning once they are completed the surface is open to contamination again. That means that >99% of the day is at risk!

The MicroShield 360 Antimicrobial Coating is a permanent protectant that one applied prevents surface contamination BETWEEN your normal cleaning routines.

Issues with mold, mildew, or algae? Remediating them is temporary and costly. Use our coating to ensure these types of growth don’t show on your surfaces again. On both internal and external surfaces MicroShield 360 Antimicrobial has you covered.

Does your business deal with food? Ask us about our coating that’s FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces.

Application Technologies

Traditional spray and wipe approach is outdated. It’ labor intensive, inefficient, lends itself to human error (missed areas and dwell times) and overuse of chemicals.

FACT: ISSA (Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association) states proper disinfection can be done at a rate of 3,125 sqft per hour compared to electrostatic disinfection at 25,000 sqft per hour. An 87% reduction in time spent.

We’ve partnered with the top electrostatic innovators to bring you cutting edge technology that reduces your costs and provides better overall coverage. Best yet, as no PPE is required for the Pure line, these products can be openly sprayed unlike traditional disinfectants saving you more time and money. Our team will train your staff how to properly deploy this game changing technology within your cleaning processes.

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