Measured Success Program

Facility Management, Simplified.

Do you struggle with inconsistent cleaning at your facility? Can you ensure all protocols are followed when you’re not around? How do you address intra-day issues that need immediate attention?
Would you be willing to spend less than $1/day to rid yourself of these issues?
Did You Know
Consistent Quality Service” is the #1 Item Facility Executives Would Pay More Money for?
No matter if you clean in-house or outsource your janitorial operations, there’s a simple solution to ensure consistency within your facility.
This intuitive platform provides a proactive approach to facilities management allowing you to focus on higher priority tasks.
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Measured Success

How does the system work?

The intuitive QR code-based system allows a facility manager to address real-time issues within the facility, track progress, maintain closed-loop communication between all parties, and analyze performance in real-time through automated reporting.

No software access or training necessary

  • Reduces costs and frustration
  • Helps build long-lasting relationships while decreasing turnover
  • Management can refocus extra time
  • Keeps everyone accountable without being intrusive

Competing systems take weeks to understand and months to implement. At the end, you wind up only deploying a fraction of its capabilities while paying hefty monthly user fees.

Measured Success is entirely managed by us. There is no training and no user login. The platform is so simple and intuitive that your entire facility will be operational in minutes.

How Can I Get Started?

We provide you with everything you need for free. If at 30-days, you want to continue it’s $29.95 a month per facility. No extra fees, no contracts, and no up-front credit card information needed!

Our simple 3 step process allows any company to sign up online and be up and running in just days (it’s the mailing part that takes time):

Step 2: Place QR Codes

Once received in mail, follow the included instructions to place the codes in facility.

Step 3: Start Scanning

Inform staff of new Measured Success program. Start receiving immediate feedback and reporting.

Our staff will contact you at the 30-day period to determine if you want to maintain the system or move back to your previous methods. No harm, no foul!
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