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Antimicrobial Coating and Increased Employee Confidence

Antimicrobial Coating and Increased Employee Confidence

As vaccines roll out across the globe, businesses are eager to move forward in a post-pandemic world. But so much has changed that many can’t simply return to business as usual. Therefore it’s important for business leaders to reimagine work and the workforce.

The remote work revolution sparked by the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a deep split among many office workers. According to Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) research, 44% of workers are worried about office cleanliness and are concerned about the health implications of returning to offices post-lockdown. As lockdown measures begin to ease, many are concerned about the realities of going back to the office – social distancing and appropriate hygiene and cleaning standards. “Workplace and facilities managers hold the key both to preparing buildings ready for reoccupation within new limits and to helping their organizations adjust to a new set of operating norms,” said Chris Moriarty, Director of Insight, Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management. According to Moriarty, there are wider challenges at play and it is naïve to assume “business as usual” post-crisis.

Antimicrobial Coating and Increased Employee Confidence

The pandemic has brought more awareness to health and wellness issues that individuals have been struggling with long before the pandemic. Employers are no longer taking these concerns lightly and understand the importance of being proactive by putting preventative measures in place. Prior to COVID-19, employee wellness was a buzz phrase upon few employers acted upon. The pandemic has proven that employee wellness is about more than exercise. It’s about keeping employees safe and healthy. Hygiene will now be a priority and clean buildings will be a necessity. Each day will have emphasis placed on cleaning and disinfecting, yet how are surfaces protected from harmful bacteria and microbes in between cleaning and disinfecting? MicroShield 360 antimicrobial coating system can be applied to nearly any surface. The antimicrobial coating is professionally applied to surfaces and other frequent touch points throughout the building. Treated surfaces remain protected 24/7 between daily cleaning and disinfecting procedures and lasts up to a year! As employees begin to return to the workplace, it’s important for them to know that the employer has made their health and safety a priority. Employees that feel that their health and safety is a priority will be happier and have higher productivity. Employers who implement the appropriate cleaning, disinfecting and antimicrobial coating programs will help build trust and confidence with their employees. As a business leader, taking the appropriate steps so that your employees feel more comfortable with their return to the workplace will gain peace of mind knowing that you’ve done all you can to keep your employees safe and happy.

Contact MicroShield 360 today to learn more about our antimicrobial coating system and how MicroShield 360 can help you increase employee confidence.

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