How to Avoid Holiday Food Poisoning

How to Avoid Holiday Food Poisoning

food poisoning

‘Tis the season for giving and sharing. But one thing that no one ever want to give is a sickness to your friends and family. During the holiday season, it’s important to make sure that you stay happy and healthy. Here are some tips for making sure antimicrobials stay hard at work in your kitchen to keep bacteria, virus, fungi, and mold from bah-hum-buggin’ your festivities.

Keep Surfaces Sparkling Clean

Disinfect all kitchen surfaces – not just your countertops. Bacteria and virus can his in many places. Use a disinfectant spray to wipe down your countertops, sinks, cabinets and appliance surfaces and all handles or pull drawers.

Spray Disinfectant to Stay Merry

Keep your disinfectant spray handy. Whether it is an unexpected spill, or you have finished prepping raw meat, use an antimicrobial spray to disinfect surfaces and surrounding areas where raw meat may have touched.

Dust Off Those Mop Skills

Mop – do not just sweep or vacuum. Floors not only collect crumbs and drips from your holiday meal prepping, but they also collect bacteria and virus. Keep your floors bacteria free by using a disinfectant floor cleaner.

Sleigh Bacteria with Antimicrobials

Whether you are washing your dishes, or washing your hands, use antimicrobial soaps, gels, or foams to disinfect and sanitize, stopping the spread of diseases.

Get in the Know Ho-Ho

Know there is a difference between clean and disinfected! You need a disinfectant, not just a cleaner, to kill germs and bacteria.

MicroShield 360 can be the perfect complement to your traditional cleaning and disinfecting this holiday season. The system is electrostatically applied to over 1,500 surface types, is odorless, colorless, EPA registered, and FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces. Once applied to the surface, it will protect you, your friends and family from cross contamination, bacteria, virus, fungi and mold with a single application.

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