Importance of Disinfecting Your Desk

Importance of Disinfecting Your Desk

The office is buzzing with ringing phones, people chattering in the halls – but sometimes there is a chorus of sneezes, sniffles and coughs too.

You can help prevent the spread of illness in your workplace by keeping your personal space clean and microbe-free. It is important to know the areas that are most likely contribute to the illness.


This device harbors microbes from your hands, face and mouth. It is important to sanitize your phone before you take one more phone call.

Unplug the device

Use a lint-free cloth and a cleaning solution to gently wipe the entire surface

Use a disinfecting wipe on the handset – pay attention to surfaces that come closest to your mouth.

Water Bottle

The water bottle should not be a permanent fixture on your desk.

Bring your water bottle home daily

Wash the bottle with dish detergent and warm water

Computer Keyboard and Mouse

A recent case study by Consumer Watchdog revealed that the average office keyboard and mouse had more germs than office toilets. Chances are that the restrooms are cleaned regularly by professional cleaners. But who is cleaning your personal keyboard?

Turn your computer off and unplug keyboard and mouse

Use a can of compressed air to release dust from the keyboard

Dip cotton swabs in a mild cleaning solution and wipe the surfaces between each key

Use a lint-free cloth and the cleaning solution to gently wipe all surfaces


Food crumbs can be a breeding ground for bacteria or pests. Don’t be the co-worker who welcomes either into the office.

Keep all food in sealed containers

Do not eat lunch at your desk. If you do have a snack, be sure to use a plate and thoroughly wipe the surface afterward.


This is the last thing to clean after all other items are cleaned and disinfected that sit on the desktop.

Remove any papers or clutter from your desktop

Use disinfectant wipes to thoroughly clean the entire surface

Do not ignore spaces that are not easily accessible – lift photo frames to wipe underneath them

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