MicroShield 360 Partners with Aviation Brands to Provide Around the Clock Surface Protection

MicroShield 360 Partners with Aviation Brands to Provide Around the Clock Surface Protection

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The aviation industry, both commercial and private, has had a difficult 2020 because of the fallout from COVID 19. This has continued into 2021 but the market has certainly began moving towards its “new normal.” Commercial travel restrictions across the globe have hampered revenues while negatively effecting consumer confidence in comfort and safety as it relates to air travel.

The question on everyone’s minds is how do we restore confidence in the aviation industry to get back lost travelers? Vaccinations will surely help this effort, but we think that society as a whole expects a new normal when it comes to https://visitlcvalley.com cleaning and disinfection no matter if it’s an office building or airplane.

One differentiation because of COVID has been a business’s ability to market their cleaning/disinfecting advantages relative to https://www.overnightglasses.com competition. This has caused a large surge in demand for antimicrobial coatings as their unique characteristics provide 24/7 surface protection. If someone was offered the same flight between two competing brands, with all things begin equal except one   provided 24/7 antimicrobial protection and 4hr sanitizer while the other did not, most consumers would see a pretty simple decision.

This has led MicroShield 360 to partner with some of the largest aviation brands in the world to provide around the clock surface protection to anyone stepping on board their aircraft. We partner with approved dealers domestically and internationally who are then trained to properly apply the coating.  These companies enjoy a revenue boost, increased product/service offerings, while checking a box for client satisfaction. A win-win.

Today an aviation company can purchase our products directly through MicroShield 360 (2020 we held an exclusive distributorship which has since changed) and apply to planes as they sell the service to their end customers.

In addition, we’ve launched MicroShield 360 Endure, a 4hr hand sanitizer, which will protect an individual WHILE on the plane not just when applied during boarding. The goal is to implement a full-range system that has increased longevity with a focus on prevention, not reaction.

People will continue to look for businesses on the cutting edge. Those who go above and beyond for customer service and focus on creating a cleaner and healthier environment to be in.

We welcome you to reach out to us directly to see how we can add value to your business.

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