Share the Joy… Not the Germs

Share the Joy… Not the Germs


Sometimes an area may look clean, but bacteria, viruses and fungi are lurking beyond the naked eye. Luckily, antimicrobials are here to help protect you and your family and friends this holiday season. Here are some of the unexpected places that you can find these microorganisms lurking.

Airplanes, Trains and Automobiles

Trapped in close quarters with strangers is one of the fastest ways to spread viruses or bacterial infections. Disinfect your seats and immediate area before settling in for the journey.

Outside of the Refrigerator

While many may think to disinfect the inside of the refrigerator, remember to use antimicrobials on the outside of the fridge, especially on the handles, which are frequently touched.

Bed Sheets and Towels

With the flu season in full swing, your bed can be a breeding ground for virus and bacteria. Wash your sheets with antimicrobial detergent regularly.

Home Floors

Your shows can pick up debris and virus or bacteria from outside. Keep your floors mopped with disinfectant because children and grandchildren may crawl around on the floor.


You and your co-workers do not want to make each other sick. Use antimicrobials to on equipment like your computer, keyboard, and desk or in the conference room on the chairs, tables, and other frequently touched surfaces.

MicroShield 360 is an EPA registered, FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces antimicrobial coating system that last up to a year on treated surfaces. The system is colorless, odorless and helps protect you and yours from virus, bacteria, fungi, and mold. MicroShield 360 can be applied to over 1,500 surface types and approved for use in over 1,000 facility types.

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