Cleaning Myths – Solved

Cleaning Myths – Solved

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Effective, safe, and cost-efficient cleaning isn’t as easy as most people assume. Even within the professional community, many cleaning myths exist to perpetuate misconceptions about proper methods and procedures. In this article, you’ll learn the top 3 most heard cleaning myths.  

Everyone is a Cleaning Expert 

Cleaning staff likely clean their own homes, then they must already know everything needed to clean effectively at work. Not true. 

The step-by-step procedures requires for cleaning the wide range of areas within professional facilities are far more complex than cleaning a home. It’s important to make sure that staff is educated on how to clean effectively and efficiently to promote a happy and healthy workplace.  

It’s extremely important to fully read the label and understand the Usage section. If you’re using a disinfectant always refer to dwell times for the specific pathogen you’re going after. Rule of thumb is to allow the disinfectant to rest for the max dwell time listed to ensure proper kill of all organisms.  

Each Area Has Its Own Cleaning Product 

Some cleaning products are formulated to handle one cleaning job, however, having the right solution can make cleaning a simpler task. Also, smart buyers will refer to the active ingredients and their percentages within the product. Many products labeled for a specific use such as bathroom cleaner, veterinary cleaners etc… are simply cheaper products being rebranded at a premium as they now target a specialized market.  

MicroShield 360 recommends installing Pure Machines which is on-site generated electrolyzed water that works as either a cleaner or a disinfectant. Electrolyzed water simply takes tap water and salt, applies an electrical current, which creates one of six different cleaning or disinfecting products. Pure Products are all-natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and easy-to-use. 

It Smells Clean, So It Must Be Clean 

Keeping facilities looking and smelling clean is certainly important, but that goal of any effective cleaning program should be to remove all soils that harbor and provide breeding grounds for germs.  

In addition, research has shown the scented additives in cleaning products that we breathe in to obtain a sense of “clean” are for the most part toxic. Overall, 34 percent of the population reported one or more types of adverse health effects from exposure to fragranced products. 

MicroShield 360 suggests using our Pure Product cleaning or disinfecting products. The HOCl found in the Pure Products is as effective as bleach but does not contain harmful chemicals or odors. Since no odor is present, it will not cause respiratory inflammation like other harmful chemicals. 

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