Food Service Cleaning & Hygiene – Restaurants Prepare to Reopen

Food Service Cleaning & Hygiene – Restaurants Prepare to Reopen

Restaurant Germs

Cleaning your restaurant and keeping it clean is something every restaurateur should be doing on a regular basis. As restaurants will reopen, an increase in cleanliness and sanitation will become something that customers and guests will expect, and local authorities will likely require. We know that the pandemic wasn’t caused by or transmitted through food, but the food service industry may forever feel its impact. Guests will expect a higher level of cleanliness.

While cleaning and disinfecting have always been important parts of a healthy environment, the emergence of the novel Coronavirus emphasizes how critical each is for the long-term health and safety of both food service professionals and their guests. There are 4 key aspects of keeping a food service establishment clean and sanitary:

Hand Washing

One of the best ways to prevent employees and guests from getting sick.

Cleaning Surfaces

Removing soils and food sources from all surfaces. While cleaning does not kill pathogens, it is the most important part of the hygiene process because it impairs the environment where those pathogens would thrive.

Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces

Lowering the number of microbes on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by the pubic health requirements. Sanitizing is not as thorough as a disinfectant.

Disinfecting High Touch Points

Killing pathogens on surfaces or objects. This process does not clean dirty surfaces. By killing germs on a surface, you will lower the risk of infection.

Many people will mistakenly use disinfecting interchangeably with sanitizing, but it is important to note two major differences: effectiveness and application. Due to a high level of actives and detergent in disinfectant products, some disinfectants are not food safe.

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