How Does Your Veterinary Clinic Smell?

How Does Your Veterinary Clinic Smell?

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When it comes to providing great air quality at your veterinary clinic an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, according to TriStar Vet. One of the most common complaints by clients is the odor of the clinic. In fact, many clients stop visiting the facility due to the odors, because bad odors lead to the perception of an unclean and unsafe environment for humans and animals. Ensuring that your clinic has great air quality is challenging yet rewarding. There are six components that can help promote better air quality at your facility.


Proper configuration creates individual mechanical, architectural, fire & noise control areas. There isolated spaces promote better odor and disease control thus promoting a safer environment.

Controls & Dehumidification

Dehumidification is necessary in nearly all climates. Use a separate humidistat for each zone at 50% and equipment should be accessible for maintenance.

Flow Rates

How air flows can make or break the quality of the system. Air flow should be specifically designed for the area, animal density, disease and air system being used.

Fresh Air

This is key for dilution of pathogens. It will vary from room to room. The primary exhaust points should be catteries, bathing, isolation, therapy and kenneling.

Filtration & Treatment

Carbon filtration, ionization & ozone are highly effective odor controllers. Filtration removes dander, hair, spores & pollen. All methods have benefits and detriments.

MicroShield 360 Odor Prevention Program

Proprietary deep cleaning of the areas, then surfaces are prepared for treatment of an application of MS360 coating system. This coating system will prevent foul odors, mold growth and bacteria from adhering to treated surfaces for a long period of time.

MicroShield 360 is an EPA registered and FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces coating system. It is odorless and colorless. The coating is 100% preventive and not reactionary – perfect complement to cleaning and disinfection regimens.


Contact us today at 800-686-4360 to learn how MicroShield 360 can help your clinic.

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