Preparing for a Second Wave During the Pandemic

Preparing for a Second Wave During the Pandemic


Even though we are not completely through with the first wave of the pandemic, that does not mean we should not be preparing for the second wave. It is important to be cautious and prepared, so we are not as shocked and scrambling at the stores when the virus reappears.

According to the American Family Care Urgent Care, it is important to consider things that are in highest demand – hand sanitizer, disinfectant, antimicrobials, etc. There are some well-known ways to prepare for the second wave of the virus, such as:

Stocking up on essential food items

Stocking up on cleaning, disinfectant, and hand sanitizer supplies

Building a comprehensive first aid kit

Become more self sufficient

Purchase extra face masks

Additionally, it is important to prepare you and your family for additional things, such as:

Distance learning – many schools across the country may close unexpectedly which will leave parents scrambling to handle child-care and meeting distance learning needs.

Prepare for remote work – nearly half of people that were employed pre-pandemic are now working from home and should prepare for continued work from home.

Build an emergency fund – rule of thumb is to have 3 to 6 months of living expenses saved in your emergency fund. However, the pandemic is far from normal, which means having more money in savings.

Get a flu shot – medical experts have concerns about the flu and the pandemic coinciding during the flu season. If the two viruses are circulating at the same time, the hospitals would quickly be overflowing with patients.

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