Proper Restaurant Cleanliness = Repeat Guests

Proper Restaurant Cleanliness = Repeat Guests

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Cleanliness and service are important in the restaurant space. One in four consumers still wants restaurants to improve their cleanliness or their service, according to QSR Cleanliness is especially critical because it ensure repeat customers.


60% of consumers said they read reviews before eating out, and 75% will avoid a restaurant with negative reviews about cleanliness. It only takes one diner and one bad experience to create a bad review, which can take a huge bite out of your foot traffic and profits. Learn ways to increase the number of guests at your restaurant with exceptional cleanliness and service.


Create a Daily Cleaning Checklist.

Having a daily checklist will allow your staff to concentrate on daily cleaning & disinfecting procedures as well as incorporate specific areas for detailing, such as bar, tabletops, chairs and booths.

Ensure that the Restrooms are Cleaned Multiple Times per Shift.

Clean and sanitized restrooms that are free of odor will ensure that guests remain satisfied. Incorporating MicroShield 360 Odor Program will allow your restrooms to remain odorless and prevent mold growth.

Floors are Swept and Mopped Frequently.

Frequently sweeping and mopping the floors will create a safer and healthier environment for the staff and consumer. It will increase guest perception, and prevent accidents from occurring.

Keep the Back of the House and the Front of the House Equally Clean.

According to FSR Magazine, it is your responsibility as a restaurant owner/General Manager to keep your place clean. You need organization, scheduling consistency, and bit of elbow grease. Ensuring that the Back of the House and the Front of the House of the restaurant are equally clean is very important. Click here to see an example of a checklist focusing on both areas.


Interested in learning more about MicroShield 360 Odor Prevention or Mold Prevention Programs? Contact us today to set up a time to discuss how MicroShield 360 can help drive revenue and increase overall guest perception at 800-686-4330.

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